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Evaluate ProfileTailor Dynamics AI for Free

Quickly Identify Access and Authorization Risks Including SoD Within Your SAP Landscape for FREE

How It Works
Xpandion has configured ProfileTailor Dynamics AI to check for over 2,000 potentially risky SAP situations. To enable these checks, you will run a small collector client on your SAP instance(s) which will create a data package which will be uploaded to ProfileTailor Dynamics AI. There are no prerequisites to run the collector client and no changes will be made your current SAP system.

Detailed Analysis
During the course of your free trial, we will be processing and analyzing a vast amount of data to identify situations and activities that are nearly impossible to identify without a powerful solution such as ProfileTailor Dynamics AI. We will be able to identify the following as part of your free trial:

  • Unauthorized access to personal data
  • Segregation of Duties Challenges
  • Employees with high level of unused access and authorizations
  • Potential account sharing
  • and many more…

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Try Before You Buy Program is only available to customers in the US and Canada. All other regions must consult with their local Xpandion office.

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