Roles and Authorizations Management

Mitigating Potential Risks From Over Provisioning

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Take Control Over Authorizations

All authorization requests should be carefully examined and verified that there are no compliance issues before being granted, sensitive authorizations even more so. Therefore, it is crucial to control the process of provisioning authorizations and to review authorizations to verify that they are still required periodically.

Control the Flow of Granting Authorizations

Crucial to control provisioning

Authorization Request

Emergency Access

The security team must maintain control at all times due to the complexity of authorizations. Certain events, such as granting sensitive permissions or identifying suspicious use of risky authorizations, cannot be ignored and must be taken care of immediately. To address these challenges, ProfileTailor Dynamics Security & Authorizations provides a 360° view over authorization and behavior-based security.


ProfileTailor significantly increased the hospital’s security level by eliminating SAP_ALL authorizations, narrowing authorizations according to actual usage, and removing inactive users. We now have real-time insight into the actual SAP-related activities being performed by our employees. The implementation took only 3 weeks, and has reduced the risk of fraud and breach of privacy, months of manual work were avoided, and 18& has been saved on maintenance costs.

Rafi Maman – SAP Division Manager

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Tracking a Hacker's Footprints

Behavior-based security is key

The amount of financial or employee data in your ERP systems is enormous and can be easily accessible and manipulated. Once inside the system, a hacker will do as he chooses without leaving any noticeable footprints. By the time you realize there was a breach, it will be too late. You will incur a tremendous loss financially, and most importantly, your company’s reputation will be adversely affected.

Knowing what is happening, as it is happening, is the key to behavior-based security. If an organization has a large number of users with a large number of permitted activities, this makes the task of knowing what’s going on virtually impossible without using a dedicated tool.

ProfileTailor Dynamics tracks the users authorizations, actual usage, and identifies any suspicious activities from user accounts and external applications 24/7. You will immediately be notified, helping you eliminate the cyber threat by locking out an ERP user once the user performs a sensitive activity outside of their business profile.


Have complete control over authorization – who should have access and who should not


Eliminate redundant and dormant users, remove unused authorizations


Query who recently used sensitive activities and from which terminal


Create each user with a special actual usage ID

A New Approach To Access Control

Add security without the complexity

An advanced behavior-based monitoring and analysis solution, ProfileTailor Dynamics for Security & Authorizations enables enterprises to easily organize, understand and control their user authorizations across ERP systems.

Delivering unprecedented visibility of actual, real-time authorization usage, ProfileTailor Dynamics for Security & Authorizations performs ongoing monitoring of every user and sends alerts for unusual or unacceptable activity, including risk severity levels.

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Mitigate Potential Risks From Over Provisioning