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ProfileTailor Dynamics is an intelligent real-time usage monitoring and alerting system that covers all of your GRC needs and more.  It creates a unique profile for each ERP user while continuing to learn users’ behavior and dynamically updating their profiles in real time.  Using this profile, the system enforces SoD rules and identifies violations, either on the static level of user authorizations or in real time user behavior.  The system also includes a set of pre-defined workflows for managing access control such as authorization requests, access review, joiner-mover-leaver processes and more.  ProfileTailor Dynamics includes a unique set of tools, Conflict Resolver and Role Advisor, to streamline authorization-related processes.

User Provisioning 

ProfileTailor Dynamics automates account provisioning and enforces preventative controls through validation of access requests, policy analysis and selection of mitigation controls. The system provides workflow processes for approvals, delegation and exception management. Post approvals, ProfileTailor can assign roles to users by auto provisioning.

SoD Risk Analysis

Detects Segregation of Duty (SoD) conflicts, sensitive access and potential policy violations for existing users through the use of business-oriented rules that are mapped to specific applications’ authorization models. This extends beyond static rules that are built-in to preconfigured control libraries toward a dynamic modelling and analysis of SoD risks based on adaptive risk patterns. 

Emergency Access 

Provides users with temporary access to elevated or conflicting privileges and monitors usage of that access. This includes exception and remediation management for tracking the response to identified control failures and other deficiencies, along with the process of addressing exceptions. Emergency roles that are predefined in the system can be assigned to the user upon request.

Role Management

ProfileTailor Dynamics offers access simulation capabilities, enabling administrators and role owners to perform a ‘what if’ analysis at various stages of a role’s life cycle management and support compliant user provisioning. The system provides mechanisms for role design as a means to reduce SoD conflicts and improve administration efficiency in SAP, other ERP and business applications including a mechanism for transporting new or updated role definitions into appropriate application environments.

Access Certification

Automates the periodic re-certification of users’ access, role owners or process owners. ProfileTailor Dynamics provides roles usage for each user which helps reduce the risk of unused roles with high risk objects. ProfileTailor is an event driven system that enables management and application owners to receive alerts pertaining to the actual change in access at any given time for more practical access review based on usage intelligence.

Transaction Monitoring

ProfileTailor Dynamics provides reports and analytics in support of trending and audit analysis, audit trails and dashboards. ProfileTailor analyzes and monitors financial application transactions to identify exceptions to policies and business rules, and then  responds accordingly. It provides real-time contextual information about the user, application, device and network involved in the transnational activity for determining associated risks.

Bird Eye's View

Pinpoints authorizations and users with a set of matrices

Beneficial Tool Kit

Additional tools to improve efficiency and compliance

Seamless Integration

Smooth integration to SAP and other ERP system

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