ProfileTailor HCM Auditor

Safeguarding Sensitive HR Data

Protect Your HR Data With ProfileTailor HCM Auditor

Next Generation of Monitoring SAP HCM

Taking data management to the next level, Xpandion’s innovative solution, ProfileTailor HCM Auditor, delivers unprecedented visibility of actual, real-time authorization usage to SAP. The system monitors the usage of HCM Related Activities and Objects – and identifies usage down to core levels, quickly and easily pinpointing the exact user performing a single action and even the exact object itself. Any unusual or unacceptable usage activity, including information about risk and its level of severity is reported.

Immediate Notifications

Receive immediate notifications when sensitive or suspicious HCM activities are detected by ProfileTailor HCM Auditor. Here a few examples:

  • A Business user (not from the Human Resources dept.) suddenly accesses Infotype 0002 (Personal Details).
  • User was viewing information in Infotype 0008 (Payments) in the payroll area “Senior Management”.
  • User was changing social security data using T-Code PA30 (Maintain HR
    Master Data).

Notifications can be sent immediately and can also be compiled into a daily or weekly reports to maximize efficiency. All event data is stored in ProfileTailor HCM Auditor and is available for later analysis by the security team or internal auditors.

Robust Alerting

Configurable alerts related to high risk activity or access to sensitive data

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor access to HCM related objects including changes and view only

Comprehensive Reporting

An array of reports and dashboards outlining all access and activities

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