Self Service Password Reset

Automate Password Reset With Added Security

ProfileTailor Unlock Me Improves Efficiency

Securely Reset Passwords

Forgotten passwords and usernames increase IT costs by draining resources and impacts end-user productivity.  While a simple task, the process of resetting passwords can take up to 30% of your IT resources and the potential of misuse may result in a security breach. ProfileTailor Unlock Me delivers an automated and highly secured process for unlocking usernames and resetting passwords while cutting costs, improve usability and security.  Passwords are reset automatically only for users who pass a various security tests.

Our unique behavior-based analysis guarantees the process is not misused.  Additional probability tests are applied for further security measures such as checking whether the user was locked for an extended period of time prior to requesting an unlock request.

Auditing & Compliance Reporting

The entire process is documented for future audits to ensure compliance with various regulatory policies such as SOX. A weekly summary report is sent automatically to relevant personnel.

Reduce IT Help Desk Cost

Manage passwords and accounts resets across multiple systems without IT intervention, ProfileTailor Unlock Me provides a complete self-service password reset and unlocking capabilities of on-premise and cloud systems. The help desk no longer are swamped with number password requests and will only need to intervene in case of a suspicious request. 

Added Security

The main intention of SOX is to establish a verifiable security controls to protect confidential data and tracking users to detect any potential risk or fraud.  While SOX does not have any requirements around password management, security experts recommend that organizations adopt these best practices.

Automate password and account reset – eliminate human errors and potential fraud from someone trying to impersonate the user to gain access.

IP address verification – a security test is performed to verify the IP address of the request such as comparing if the password reset request is from a workstation the user typical works on. 

Behavior-based probability testing – security check to confirm the user was not locked out for an extended period of time prior.

If the user fails any of the security test, the user is directed to seek assistance from the security manager.

Empowering End Users

Empower end users to manage their own identity with password and account resets across multiple systems, all from a self service portal.  No need for IT invention or unnecessary wait time. With ProfileTailor Unlock Me, organizations will be able to automate the entire process. 

Fully Automated Self Service

User friendly self service portal with added security

Reduce IT Resources & Troubletickets

Fully automated and secure self service portal

Multi-Factor Authentication

Includes One Time Password Delivered by SMS 

Customized Integration to Work for You

Customizable and can integrate with existing ITSM solution

Automate Password Reset With Added Security