Identity Governance and Administration

Reduce business risks and operational costs

Complete End to End Identity Governance

Organizations need and want to be able to understand who has access to what systems and how these access are being utilized. Xpandion focuses on monitoring, collecting and analyzing data to support risks managers and IT department maintain regulatory compliance. ProfileTailor Dynamics AI enables organizations to gain visibility into how access is being used and prioritize risk by severity across complex IT environments, allowing management to make intelligent actionable business decisions.  By providing greater visibility, organization can mitigate risky access to sensitive data. Driven by our unique user behavioral business profiling, which creates a user profile based on the their business activities to create a risk model, ProfileTailor Dynamics AI which makes everything easier for compliance managers and auditors by removing false positive detection and allowing them to focus on actual risk.

Reduce Business Risk

Quickly identify segregation of duties (SoD) violations and resolve these conflicts within seconds by utilizing our Conflict Resolver™.

Gain Visibility of User Risk

Continuous monitoring of all user activities to identify risk.  Mitigate these risks by optimizing access with principles of least privilege.

Enhance User Experience

Streamline user lifecycle management with full provisioning to joiners, movers, and leavers with a self-service portal. 

Reduce Operational Cost

Through automation, organizations will be able to cut down on labor-intensive processes such as access requests, access certification, password resets and provisioning. 

Attain Regulatory Compliance

Automatically document all transactions for IT auditing and generate all  necessary reports from our comprehensive library of reporting options.  Schedule reports to relevant team members.

Our Identity Access Governance Capabilities

Key Features of ProfileTailor Dynamics AI

Automated access certification process

End to end user lifecycle management

Added security password reset

SoD controls for multiple ERP systems

Unique behavioral analytics

Comprehensive reports

Role management and optimization

Access management and controls

Built and designed to scale

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