Human Capital Management

Monitoring and Safeguarding Sensitive HR Data

Protect Your HR Data With ProfileTailor HCM Auditor

A New Approach To Safeguard HR Data

Data related to Personnel Administration transactions are highly sensitive as they enable access to confidential information. Safeguarding HR data creates security challenges for most organizations due to the complexity of SAP®, as people need access to portions of the HR databases from multiple sources or devices. Having an automated solution such as ProfileTailor HCM Auditor allows organizations to continuously monitor and have complete transparency over usage of HCM Related Activities and Objects. Any suspicious usage activity including access to information regarding risk and the level of severity is immediately reported.

Complete Control and Visibility

Users of ProfileTailor HCM Auditor can employ this unique solution to gain control and streamline authorizations over the full cycle of implementation.

An array of reports, dashboards and notification provides ongoing warnings of unusual or unacceptable user activity, including unauthorized access to sensitive Infotypes and subtypes. Suspected security breaches are analyzed and scored according to predetermined levels of severity.

Complete Scoring Analysis

Suspected security breaches are analyzed and scored according to predetermined levels of severity

Streamlined Process

Streamlined authorizations over full cycle of implementation

Immediate Notifications

Alerts are sent immediately or compiled into daily or weekly reports to maximize efficiency

Well-Documented & Archived

All event data is kept in the system, and is available for future inspection

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Monitoring and Safeguarding Sensitive HR Data

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