WE CAN. Reduce Compliance Risk & Cost

As competition disrupts all segments of financial services, companies are finding it hard to securely adapt to new technology and new business processes.  New technology and processes tend to add unknown risks and security threats, putting your customer’s data at risk.

Xpandion provides a GRC platform that increases the efficiency of the IT team, identifies threats quickly, reduces compliance risks and resolves security threats and segregation of duties violations within a matter of minutes. 

Compliance Made Easy

Xpandion’s ProfileTailor Dynamics GRC platform addresses all compliance and regulatory demands quickly and efficiently by using our 24/7 comprehensive monitoring solution.  Receive alerts of all potential risks including segregation of duty violations.

Solve SoD violations by getting the best solution and up to 5 additional possible solutions

Start with our built in best-practices, so you don’t have to start from scratch

Start a workflow process to solve violations when they are created

Narrow down sensitive authorizations

Identify “Who is doing what” and answer questions like “What can this employee do?”

React when a user is granted a sensitive role or profile

Resolve Potential Risk Quick

By utilizing our Conflict Resolver, you will be able to identify and solve violations within minutes.  You will be able to identify which users have access to sensitive data, and change user roles based on their usage to mitigate potential fraud.

Protecting Your Customers' Data

Financial service companies are easy targets of security attacks, making protecting customers’ data even more important.  A breach will have a huge negative financial impact not to mention a tarnished reputation, leading to loss of customers.

Identify new SoD violations when they occur

Complete control over authorizations

Receive alerts when a user is granted a sensitive authorization role or profile

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