Emergency Access

Provide Audit-Ready Secure Access When Needed

Securely Grant Temporary Access With ProfileTailor Emergency Access

Mitigating Risks From Emergency Access

Many organizations have reduced access to their production systems from IT personnel in order to minimize risk and meet regulatory demands. Organizations recognize that IT team members and users must be granted temporary access from time to time. As simple as it sounds, providing emergency access or firefighter in many organizations is a tedious task. Having a member, the security team review the request, grant the temporary access and follow up to remove access once the project is completed along with providing a well-documented trail is cumbersome.

By utilizing an automated solution such as ProfileTailor Emergency Access, organizations will be able to provision emergency access with security approved workflows and produce audit ready reporting since ProfileTailor grants access to users and not IDs.

Highly Secured Automated Emergency Access Provisioning

ProfileTailor Emergency Access allows organizations to automate the emergency access process while meeting audit and security requirements.  Built-in workflows eliminate the need for additional IT resources and adds an additional layer of security.  ProfileTailor Emergency Access generates audit ready user activity reports that can be reviewed by auditors at any time.


Automatically revoke access after defined time frame expires

Audit Ready Reporting

Detailed report of the user’s activity is generated and kept for auditing purposes

Continuous Monitoring

Receive notifications of any suspicious activity or access to sensitive data

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Audit Ready and Secure Way of Granting Emergency Access