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Xpandion & Appsian Unite GRC & ERP Data Security

Xpandion is joining forces with best-of-breed ERP data security leader, Appsian. Together, we will revolutionize how organizations protect their sensitive business data and ensure segregation of duties. For 14 years, Xpandion has been on a mission: to help organizations create better alignment between user permissions, authorizations, and security best practices.

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GDPR is Coming

Lately, I have received a flood of calls regarding GDPR asking why we have not published anything on the subject yet. The latest call was from a senior consultant in one of the Big-4 firms asking what Xpandion’s stance is on the GDPR regulations. So here it is! YES, Xpandion is

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Why Some Companies Prefer Cloud

One of our partners recently told us a story. A potential customer whose business management and SAP audit team LOVED our product – loved the feature that grants authorizations automatically in multiple systems, the feature that alerts managers to risky authorizations and of course how ProfileTailor Dynamics can actually solve

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SU01 – Be Smart When Copying Users

You Can Continue to Copy Users in SU01, but be Smart about it! How does your organization create user accounts for new employees? How do you grant authorizations? Most organizations use the method of copying an existing user account, slap a new username on it using t-code SU01 and moving

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How to Choose the Best Role to Grant Users in 3 Easy Steps

How do you choose the best single authorization role to grant a user who has just sent a request for additional authorizations? This is a complicated process for most organizations as there are thousands of roles that exist. Even if there are only 15 roles that actually match the user’s

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Your First Steps Towards Becoming a SAP GRC Professional

SoD (Segregation of Duties) and GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) experts are vital members of any publicly traded organization that relies on SAP. In the long run it can be a rewarding and lucrative position that greatly influences the procedures and bottom line for businesses large and small. SoD (Segregation of

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