Access Certification

Simplify the access certification process through automation and AI

Access Certification Simplified With ProfileTailor Dynamics

Revamping The Process of Access Certification

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requires organizations to re-certify user access and for many organizations, handling this strenuous process. However, it is essential to reduce business risk, save from potential fraud, and allow internal auditors to face audits more confidently. Access certifications are labor-intensive and are prone to errors due to the vast amount of data that needs manual examination.

With Xpandion’s automated solution, ProfileTailor Dynamics for Access Certification, organizations will be able to eliminate errors, mitigate risks, and reduce required staff-hours to near zero.

Define Scope of Process

Choose what and whom to review: Activities, Authorizations, Roles, Employees, and Systems

Commence Review

A list of authorizations is sent for approval then facilitated to the next level of approvers 

Complete Review

Upon reaching a well-grounded decision, the next level of approvers are able to confirm with just one click

Seal The Process

Upon completing the process, the results are sent to the security managers to implement changes

Succeeding With Automation

By automating the access certification process, organizations will be able to reduce errors and improve efficiency while saving resources. ProfileTailor Dynamics for Access Certification has proven to reduce manual work to near zero, allowing internal auditors to focus on more high-risk authorizations access and other potential security risks.

Smart Statistics Reduces Time Spent on Access Certification

Organizations depend on managers to properly review and approve all employee access. However, some managers approve all access without review, putting the organization at risk for potential fraud or security threats. With ProfileTailor Dynamics for Access Certification, our Smart Statistics intelligence groups all low-risk authorizations into a single approval process allowing managers to complete their review more efficiently and focus on high-risk permissions.

ProfileTailor Dynamics for Access Certification highlights “special,” sensitive, high-risk and unused authorizations providing ease for managers to thoroughly review those authorizations before approving. This allows managers to focus on permissions that present risks while reducing the amount of time spent on non-sensitive authorizations.

Significant Cost Savings

Automating the access certification process significantly reduces overhead costs and risks of human errors.

Meet Auditor Requirements

Controlled process with thorough and complete documentations which can be reviewed at a later time

Easily Managed Process

No expertise needed. The complete process is managed easily using a web browser and can be access from any personal computer.

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