ProfileTailor Dynamics AI for Access Governance

Simplifying User Lifecycle and Access Management

User Lifecycle Management Increases Efficiency

Automate Provisioning Processes To Reduce Costs

The hiring and severance of employees can quickly turn into security nightmares and costly if you do not have a well defined process on how to manage their access.  New employees require access to various systems and if permissions are not granted with caution, employees can be granted more access than needed, which can put the company at risk. 

Performing these processes manually creates situations in which provisioning and de-provision becomes a cross-department nightmare.  When user lifecyle processes are handled automatically, ProfileTailor Dynamics AI controls the entire process, preventing security risk, SoD violations and human error.  Furthermore, it drastically reduces the duration of the process, increases the level of service and reduces wasted resource time.

Provisioning New Users With Ease

ProfileTailor Dynamics AI automatically create new employee’s account.

  • HR Team member fills out employee data in the Permission Center
  • The Permission Center automatically chooses the appropriate applications for creating user accounts in accordance with the employee’s role and position
  • The Permission Center
    • Opens new user accounts
    • Allocates the correct permissions
    • Sets a password
    • Sends an email or text message to the manager notifying them the user accounts are ready
    • The SAM team is updated of the new licenses

De-Provisioning Users

ProfileTailor Dynamics AI automatically closes all employee’s account.

  • Automatic identification of a severance or user
  • Permission Center generates a report on the employee’s activity during the last two weeks 
  • Automatic elimination of all employee user accounts in all systems (API or helpdesk ticket)
  • Reassure:  Verifies that all user accounts have been eliminated
  • The SAM team is updated to reharvest licenses

Easily Meet Audit and Regulatory Demands

Xpandion’s ProfileTailor Dynamics AI for Access Certification empowers managers to orchestrate an entire access certification process smoothly and effectively. Combining automatic monitoring capabilities, together with unique actual real-time usage analysis, ProfileTailor Dynamics AI enables functional control over the review process, accelerating successful audit compliance in today’s rigorous regulatory landscape.

Today’s audit requirements demand full transparency of all business procedures. ProfileTailor Dynamics AI for Access Certification coincides with the current norm, turning the tedious process of reviewing authorizations into an automatic and manageable task – easily coherent to auditors.

Web Based Platform

Organizations benefit from a web-based, end-to-end platform, eliminating the need to use spreadsheets, send emails or chase after employees.  Complete automation increases efficiency and reduces manual errors.

Full Transparency

Auditors encounter a fully transparent system with clear documentation and complete history records, enabling them to view and examine the entire process at any given time.

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