How It All Started

Xpandion started in 2007, when two techies from Tel Aviv, Israel, set out to help customers with SAP better manage users and track their activities.  Working with SAP systems since 1995, they have seen and experienced the challenges that many organizations are still facing today.  After 10 years, Xpandion has helped hundreds of companies in over 20 countries take control over their ERP systems with access management, controls, and license optimization with added security.

157 Yigal Alon St.
Tel Aviv, 6744365, Israel

3310 W Braker Lane Suite 300-253
Austin, TX 78758, USA

C 103, Akruti Orchid Park, Andheri-Kurla Road
Andheri East, Mumbai, India

Why Xpandion Does What We Do

Xpandion dedicates it’s time and efforts to helping companies transform how they manage internal controls and optimize. We believe it all starts with implementing and maintaining a well-designed governance program. We empower organizations to streamline various business processes while providing an identification and mitigation risk solution. Corporate scandals or frauds are far too frequent, and enterprises need to mitigate as many risks as possible to ensure consumer trust. Identifying and mitigating risks is key to any successful business.

Corporate scandals and fraud are avoidable. Xpandion started because we believe that risk management is the key to prevention. By optimizing your current business practices and internal access controls with an automated tool for checks and balances will not only prevent these scandals but is essential for a well-designed governance program with optimized security.

How Xpandion is Different

When many enterprises think security, they think of outside intrusion or being hacked from someone outside of their organization. While outside attacks occur, enterprises are most vulnerable to attacks from within. Typically, when an outside attack occurs, it is due to them gaining access to an employee’s credentials. We believe having better controls in place to monitor internal users is vital to protecting your data. Xpandion provides a better approach to risk management.

Xpandion’s ProfileTailor Dynamics helps enterprises integrate governance, risk, and compliance activities so companies can make well-informed, proactive decisions.

How does Xpandion tackle security, and what makes us different? While other risk management solutions focus on external attacks and deal with security from a compartmentalize perspective, Xpandion takes a holistic viewpoint. By integrating risk management from all departments, can a company truly achieve governance and optimized security.

Xpandion creates behavior-based profiling for business applications. Behavior, in our view, is the intelligent summary of the business activities a user performs in a given application. Magnify this from a single application to an organization-wide scope of applications, and you will find that user behavior is an intelligent summary of activities in all business applications. In short, the business profile of each user is a sum of all their business-related activities, minus accidental mistakes, plus the implied and normal activities of the position.

Our access risked GRC solution allows companies to understand the risks that could impact their business. Xpandion streamlines the complete risk management process while optimizing savings and employee performance.

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