Provide Audit-Ready Secure Access When Needed

Emergency Access at 2am? Don’t Wake Me Up, Please!

Granting SAP_ALL to Everybody – Crazy or Not?

Take Control Over Emergency Access

Highly Secured Automated Emergency Access Provisioning

ProfileTailor Dynamics AI Emergency Access allows organizations to automate the emergency access process while meeting audit and security requirements.  The automated process with built-in workflows reduces the need for additional IT resources by adding additional layers of security.  ProfileTailor Dynamics AI Emergency Access generates audit ready user activity reports that can be reviewed by auditors at any time.

Temporary Access

Automatically revoke access after defined time frame expires

Audit Ready Reporting

Detailed report of the user’s activity is sent and kept for auditing purposes

Continuous Monitoring

Receive alerts of any suspicious activity or access to sensitive data

Monitoring non-SAP Applications

ProfileTailor Dynamics has strong capabilities in monitoring other ERP systems, enforcing policies and tracking usage of authorizations. Customers with the following systems use Xpandion’s products for monitoring.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Navision

Share Folders

AS/400 iSeries Systems

Priority ERP

Infor/Lawson M3 ERP


Home-Grown Applications

Provide Audit-Readiness Secure Access When Needed

Take ProfileTailor Dynamics AI Emergency Access For a Test Drive

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