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Gain Insights About SAP Authorizations

ProfileTailor Dynamics AI Security & Authorizations was designed with both novice users and professional experts in mind. Novice users can easily feel like experts, having all the in-depth data of SAP Authorizations without the need to delve into the fine details of SAP Authorizations, like objects and fields. They can optimize authorization roles and be in control over sensitive SAP permissions without needing high-end technical knowledge.

SAP Authorization experts can enjoy a simple yet intense analytics tool that can help them investigate and improve the current SAP Authorization situation in no time. Many SAP authorization experts have proclaimed it to be the easiest and best analytical tool to deeply investigate SAP authorizations and get insights that they couldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

Employ Usage Data to Reduce Redundant Authorizations

The user behavior algorithms unique to ProfileTailor Dynamics AI Security & Authorizations allow you to narrow down sensitive authorizations, reduce risks and lower maintenance resources. The software builds dedicated business-profiles for each user and recommends which unused sensitive authorization roles can be removed.

Identify “Who is doing what” and answer questions like “What can this employee do?”

Identify a global view of authorization structure and the amount of use of each through a set of Excel matrices

Query user authorizations from the detailed level of authorization objects, through activities and roles, and up to the virtual level of business processes

Use the Powerful Alerting Capabilities

Receive alerts when a user is granted a sensitive authorization role or profile

Receive alerts when an employee changes their position, so you can inspect their authorizations

Define dynamic events according to your specific requirements

Always Secure, Organized and Under Control

An adaptive, intelligent system, ProfileTailor Dynamics AI Security & Authorizations creates a unique profile per each SAP user, while continuing to learn users’ behavior and dynamically updating their profiles in real time. It enables enterprises to organize their authorizations based on actual need and de-facto usage, while understanding what their employees are doing and gaining complete control over user activities.


Monitors risky objects, sensitive activities, abnormal behavior


Eliminates SAP_ALL and other powerful authorization profiles


Includes unique automated authorization-related processes


Removes unneeded authorizations, reducing security breaches


Alerts in cases of unacceptable behavior, sensitive role allocation

Narrowing Down Sensitive Authorizations

In additional to Segregation of Duty rules, sensitive authorizations also need to be controlled. After enhancing the pre-configured sensitive object list and adding your own development, you will be ready to see who is really using their sensitive authorization roles, and who is not using them at all. The authorization roles that are granted but not being used, should be removed. This way you significantly reduce risk and lessen your resources required for authorization maintenance.

Rapid Development Immediate Results

ProfileTailor is designed for rapid deployment so you can receive immediate results.  We are able to make this possible due to our .NET based software that resides on an external server outside of SAP, while most of our competitors are ABAP based and installed inside SAP. 

ProfileTailor can be installed in just days utilizing standard RFC connections and does not make any changes to your SAP systems.  




SoD Simulator



Additional Tools For More Control

With our built-in tools, you will be able to take control and maintain a violation-free environment quickly and effectively.  

Monitoring non-SAP Applications

ProfileTailor Dynamics has strong capabilities in monitoring other ERP systems, enforcing policies and tracking usage of authorizations. Customers with the following systems use Xpandion’s products for monitoring.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Navision

Share Folders

AS/400 iSeries Systems

Priority ERP

Infor/Lawson M3 ERP


Home-Grown Applications

Mitigating Potential Risks

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