Monitoring and Safeguarding Sensitive HR Data

Next Generation of Monitoring SAP HCM

Taking data management to the next level, Xpandion’s innovative solution, ProfileTailor™ HCM Auditor, delivers unprecedented visibility of actual, real-time authorization usage to SAP. The system monitors the usage of HCM Related Activities and Objects – and identifies usage down to core levels, quickly and easily pinpointing the exact user performing a single action and even the exact object itself. Any unusual or unacceptable usage activity, including information about risk and its level of severity is reported.

Complete Control and Visibility

Gain control and streamline authorizations over the full cycle of implementation with ProfileTailor HCM Auditor.  

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor access to HCM related objects including changes and view only

Robust Alerting

Configurable alerts related to high risk activity or access to sensitive data

Comprehensive Reporting

An array of reports and dashboards outlining all access and activities

Monitoring non-SAP Applications

ProfileTailor Dynamics has strong capabilities in monitoring other ERP systems, enforcing policies and tracking usage of authorizations. Customers with the following systems use Xpandion’s products for monitoring.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Navision

Share Folders

AS/400 iSeries Systems

Priority ERP

Infor/Lawson M3 ERP


Home-Grown Applications

Monitor and Safeguard HR Data

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