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3 Expert Recommendations for Controlling Indirect Use in SAP Licensing

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Savings on Overall Maintenance Fees
50- %
Savings per reclassified SAP licenses
Up to savings on sap resources

Continuous Optimization of SAP Licensing

Due to SAP’s complex licensing environment, organizations are compelled to find ways to secure their SAP investments and manage their SAP licenses effectively.  The essence of optimizing your SAP licensing is classifying each employee to the right SAP license type. This is crucial because there is a huge variance between the price of the basic “Employee Self Service” or “ESS” license type and the “Professional” license type, so a misclassification can result in significant additional costs.

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Avoiding Hidden Costs

In today’s complex SAP environment, many organizations seek a reliable tool for monitoring SAP engines.  The complexity of SAP software engines present a real challenge for enterprises in terms of compliance and resources.  Many overlook the fact that SAP licensing is not only based on license-per-user, but includes software engines as well.  If your company wishes to avoid hidden costs and pay only for what is actually needed and used, LicenseAuditor Engines is the answer.  It easily enables enterprises to assess their SAP engines, clearly understand which engines are actually being used and finally achieve best possible payment models.

Full Transparency

Clear view of engine possibilities, ensuring that you pay only for what you really need and actually use.

Fully Automated

Automated processes with detailed reports for enhanced efficiency and full control over engine consumption.

Fully Informed

Better negotiation points with evident documentation, facilitating in preparing for SAP licensing audits.

SAP Licensing eBook

Are your SAP Licenses being utilized efficiently? Which licenses do you really need?  How can you have a successful Audit?  This guide answers these questions so you can easily control SAP Licensing and comply with your SAP contract.

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Improve Negotiation Power

Knowledge is power – have the proper information to negotiate with SAP

Side by Side Cost Analysis

Determine if your current method of licensing is the most optimal and  economical

Compliance-Based Reporting

Generate audit ready reports for both internal and external auditors

Mitigate Indirect Access Risk

Quickly identify which 3rd party systems are accessing SAP and what data is being read or changed

Eliminating Waste

Automatically identify dormant, underutilized and duplicate accounts


Enables cost transparency providing both current and internal cost 

Cost Savings

Stop overbuying licenses and reallocate licenses when possible

Right Licensed

Pay for what you are using by reclassifying users based on usage and not assigned 

Indirect Access Can Be Hedged

Although indirect access sounds like a complex or vague topic to understand and includes an unclear financial risk, using Xpandion’s unique solution, indirect access can be reduced and restricted. Xpandion allows organizations to model their current situation easily, estimate their current exposure and financial risks from indirect access, and receive immediate alerts about new suspicious SAP data consumption so that they can inspect and stop unnecessary SAP access on the spot. Instead of a reactive approach that only addresses an expensive situation after a SAP audit,  Xpandion customers choose to be proactive with their SAP licenses and continuously monitor and maintain Indirect Access situations as they arise.

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Before Migrating to SAP S/4HANA

It’s no secret, you have to go through a SAP audit, before migrating to SAP S/4 HANA and it’s practically impossible to forecast the SAP audit results without help of a specialized licensing automated optimization software.

Continuous Monitoring SAP Management

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