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GRC compliance at your fingertips

As enterprises today require a higher level of confidence and security, as well as compliance with complicated regulations, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solutions are turning into a de-facto standard. Due to the high prices of GRC solutions, organizations often choose to reduce cost and avoid hardware hassle by developing in-house solutions. Unfortunately, choosing this route entails continuous development resources due to the frequent changes in regulations. Based on its recognized best-practices ProfileTailor™ Dynamics AI GRC, Xpandion presents the innovative ProfileTailor Dynamics Hosted GRC solution, changing the rules for such organizations. Organizations can now use a field-proven cloud-enabled compliance tool that requires no installation or additional hardware. With ProfileTailor Dynamics Hosted GRC, customers can achieve complete control over regulatory processes within hours.

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Cloud-Based Solution

Fully cloud-enabled, ProfileTailor Dynamics Hosted GRC facilitates organizations to successfully comply with regulations, without purchasing expensive hardware. Organizations can manage risks, inspect rules and monitor users and authorizations directly in the cloud. All processes, inspection and collaboration are performed simply via a browser.

Take Control Over SAP Governance & Compliance

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GRC as SaaS

No installation is required and no hardware needed

External of SAP

Easy, quick and cost-efficient deployment outside of SAP

Quick ROI

Receive results and gain control over entire regulatory processes within hours

Transparent Process

Auditors can inspect and share their input with the organization

Monitoring non-SAP Applications

ProfileTailor Dynamics has strong capabilities in monitoring other ERP systems, enforcing policies and tracking usage of authorizations. Customers with the following systems use Xpandion’s products for monitoring.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Navision

Share Folders

AS/400 iSeries Systems

Priority ERP

Infor/Lawson M3 ERP


Home-Grown Applications

Compliance Made Easy

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