Provide Audit-Ready Secure Access When Needed

Take Control Over Emergency Access With Profile Dynamics

Which SAP Authorizations Should He Have?

Mitigating Risks From Emergency Access

Many organizations have reduced access to their production systems from IT personnel in order to  minimize Segregation of Duty (SoD) violations and meet Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements.  These organizations now recognize that IT team members and users must be granted occasional access in order to process transactions.  Having a member of your security team review the request, grant temporary access and follow up to remove access once the project is completed along with providing a well documented trail is cumbersome and poses a risk.  By utilizing an automated solution such as ProfileTailor Emergency Access, companies will be able to provision emergency access with security approved workflows and produce audit ready reporting since ProfileTailor grants access to users and not IDs.  

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Become Efficient & Reduce Cost

Seamless Integration

Integrate with SAP applications with no changes required

Protect Sensitive Data

Allocate roles while denying access to confidential data

Role Assignment

Roles are chosen automatically based on the type of request

Ongoing Monitoring

Track all access while the user is using the systems

Scheduled Access

Approve and automatically revoke access upon user logoff or scheduled completion date

Easy Workflows

Simple request workflows and management approval processes

Time Saving

Access to pre-approved roles that can be assigned quickly

Ease of Auditing

An audit trail is created from start to finish in a detailed document 

Take Control Over Emergency Access

A guide to safeguarding your organization when emergency access is requested.  To learn more, download our latest guide.

Increase Security

Run various security tests to determine if the emergency access request is reasonable

Continuous Monitoring

Receive immediate alerts of any suspicious activity or access to sensitive data

Audit-Ready Reporting

Detailed reports of user activity are sent to management and a copy is archived for future reference

Custom-Defined Access

Automatically close out username & emergency access  once custom-defined time has expired

A Complete Overview of Emergency Access for SAP

How do you give the help desk access to sensitive information without losing control?  Watch this video on how ProfileTailor Emergency Access can help your organization.

Monitoring non-SAP Applications

ProfileTailor Dynamics AI has strong capabilities in monitoring other ERP systems, enforcing policies and tracking usage of authorizations. Customers with the following systems use Xpandion’s products for monitoring.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Navision

Share Folders

AS/400 iSeries Systems

Priority ERP

Infor/Lawson M3 ERP


Home-Grown Applications

Provides an Audit Ready and Secure Way of Granting Emergency Access

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