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Automated optimization for
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Going Beyond GRC With Artificial Intelligence

The fifth generation of Xpandion ProfileTailor ™ Dynamics AI GRC platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, to continuously identify Segregation of Duties conflicts and potential threats while providing suggestive best practices based on each user’s unique behavioral business profile to resolve these challenges quickly and efficiently. Organizations can seamlessly integrate all of their ERP applications from multiple source points into a single management viewpoint for continuous monitoring and management, allowing corporations to decompartmentalize their GRC process and eliminate redundant workloads.

ProfileTailor Dynamics AI brings a new light to managing authorizations effectively, including policy enforcement and segregation of duties, combined with impact analysis and financial visibility.  This is the first platform that presents each authorization-related decision from multiple angles, including financial risks.   ProfileTailor Dynamics AI includes out-of-the-box connectors to various ERP systems.

Why Choose Xpandion

Solving the challenges of over provisioning authorizations, segregation of duties, security, and automating user life-cycle processes is our expertise.  ProfileTailor is robust and effective, yet easy to install and fully customizable.  See the variety of modules that we offer in the video and contact us for a free demo.

Ready for the next generation of GRC

The Complete Compliance-Focus Solution For Every Need

Maintaining compliance. Mitigate SoD risks. Optimize SAP licenses.  Identity access management.  No matter the challenge, Xpandion has the solution you need.

Segregation of Duties

Identify, resolve and maintain segregation of duties with ease with our pre-built rulesets and Conflict Resolver.


Access Certification

Streamline the access and role review process to reduce risk while increasing security.  


Control and automate access request, changes and removal with customized workflows.


Hosted GRC

Avoid upfront hardware expenses and ensure rapid ROI with a hosted GRC platform.


HCM Management

Monitor, protect and safeguard sensitive HR data from external systems while updating files.


Provision and de-provision temporary access, track access with detail audit readiness reports.


SAP License Optimization

Continuously monitor and optimize SAP licenses to ensure compliance based on usage.


Self- Service Password Reset

Reduce IT help desk requests by automating password resets and decreasing employee wait time.


Key Integrations

The Unique Technology of Xpandion

Our unique technology is why companies around the world are choosing Xpandion to monitor ERP user activities, GRC, Segregation of Duties, maintain compliance and SAP license optimization.

Behavior-Based Profiling

Monitoring user activity and creating business profiles for users, our unique algorithm combines multiple sources of data to create a joint profile for each employee.

Complete Control

Clients have full control over the data that is collected and revealed.  Reports can be controlled from a central point, to prevent exposing sensitive data. 

No Change to the Systems

No codes are added to the monitored systems and no special customization are required to get full data-sets from the monitored systems, using standard APIs. 

The system was built with the concept of integration, thus includes web services for reading data and for sending data. 

Unique Algorithm to Avoid Performance Issues

Designed with the idea of minimal impact on machines during data transfer,  will get most of the required data only when systems  not extensively working. 

Enforce Global Privacy Regulations and Compliance

Operates in different visibility modes, enabling that no personal data will be exposed in user screens and the data will only be used to analyze the situation.

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